How Can You Avoid Collisions Due to Distraction While Driving?


Distractions while driving can cause serious accidents or collisions on the road. Moreover, in Australia, it is one of the top most reasons for car collision over the years. Even studies show that drivers in Australia are distracted almost half of the time when driving. In this article, we would discuss common distractions during driving and the Australian rules related to it.

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What Does the Law Say?

The road rules take the distraction of drivers while driving into account when regulating the law. The Australian government has three road rules that is prevalent with some few variations in all the states there. They are as follows –

  • Road Rule 297 – A driver can only operate a vehicle if he/she has complete control over the vehicle.
  • Road Rule 299 – You must not drive a vehicle with an operating television receiver or visual display unit where the screen is visible to you or can distract another driver.
  • Road Rule 300 – You should not use mobile phone when the vehicle is mobile. However, there are some exceptions –
  1. If you are making an audio call and you don’t require operating it manually and the phone is already affixed to the car.
  2. When the mobile phone acts as a helping device for the driver (e.g. navigation system) and the driver does not need to press anything during the drive.
  • If it is an emergency or Police vehicle.
  1. If the driver is exempt by another law.

The Distractions You Can Face During Driving?

You can keep yourself safe on road by avoiding these distractions –

  • Gadgets and Mobile Phone

Using mobile phones and electronic gadgets while driving can pose serious threat. It engages your hands, audio and visual senses simultaneously. Not only law penalises you for this act, but also it puts you in high life risk.

  • Passengers on the vehicle

Children and pets in the car are easy factor to distract a driver. All the more, teenage drivers are easily distracted by even adult passengers, especially when they are of same age. Only one word for them – ‘Do not take off your eyes from the road.’

  • Having food in the car

Drinking and eating in the car not only can dirty your car, but also cause distractions when you do it while driving.

  • Tinkering with the settings of the car while driving

Many have this habit of adjusting the settings of the car while driving due to discomfort. You can take help if there is another passenger with you. If you are driving alone adjust it before driving. If it is essential, park your car at a safe place.

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