How Can A Learner Driver Go On A Motorway?


When you are first learning to drive, it may come with various challenges. The process of driving training slowly prepares you to overcome small challenges to bigger ones. It may be tough at first but with experience and alertness you can master the skill. It can be quite intimidating when it’s your first drive on the motorway.

Learner Driver On Motorway

Motorways can be highly risky as they have heavy and constant flow of traffic and the speed limit is higher than the first few lessons you took. You would need a whole set of skills to stay afloat –

  • Focus
  • Knowledge of traffic rules
  • Anticipating road hazards
  • Judging distance between cars for safety
  • Spontaneous reaction time
  • Smooth manoeuvres

You can start driving on the motorway only when you have mastered the above skills and are accompanied by an experienced instructor. When registering for driving lessons in Acton, make sure that you choose a licensed and reliable driving school. Pass First Go can be your best solution. You can choose your own instructor after checking the profile, area of service, availability and the pricing of the lesson.

How to Drive Safely On Motorways?

  • The city has the authority to bind the speed limit of the road. The rules of the road are for everyone and you have to follow them for your own safety. You cannot break the speed limit. Driving at a high speed will make you lose control of the car. The faster you drive the harder it is to react in time. If you encounter any hazard, high speed would result in collision.

But, at the same time driving too slow on the motorway can cause the other vehicles to overtake and change lanes frequently. This will disrupt the traffic flow and may cause accidents.

  • Merging in a lane can be a little tricky. You cannot suddenly slow down or stop your vehicle to look for the chance. When the traffic is ongoing, stopping suddenly would prove a deterrent for the vehicles following your car.

When trying to merge into a lane, keep the speed steady and look for a gap. Check for other cars and then merge swiftly.

  • Similarly, when changing lanes, you need to be aware of the surrounding vehicle’s movements and adjust the speed according to the traffic. You have to be careful when making turns. Slow down to avoid skidding.

When you miss an exit on the motorway, you have to wait for the next exit. You cannot make a U-turn or reverse the car.

  • Keep a safe distance away from the car in front of you and stop your car keeping a space between the two vehicles.
  • Maintenance of the car is very important to avoid any hazard on the road. Before taking out your car check for fuel, tyre pressures, spares and tools.

With this advice, hopefully, you can handle the drive on the motorway. Only knowledge is not enough, you require practice to gain experience. You can ask your driving trainer to help you with learning more about such motorway skills.

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