Top Facts One Should Know About Driver’s License in Australia


Driving license is an important document to carry if you are driving your vehicle.  Driving license contains your information and the class that gives information of the vehicles that you can ride. Driving is an important skill today as in many situations one cannot depend on the public transport. Once you have turned sixteen you can apply for the driver’s license in Australia.

If your Home country is not in Australia then you must have an International Driver’s license to ride your vehicle. This long read will help you to know few facts about driver’s license in Australia. To get your learner’s license you have to book an online driver’s knowledge test. The test comprises of the questions based on traffic rules and regulations. You can read a book containing traffic rules and regulations.

Once you get your learner’s permit you can book driving lessons. Driving lessons will help you to become more confident with your driving skills.  You can hire a professional driving instructor to help you with the driving concepts. A professional instructor is well educated and trained to teach driving. Your instructor will guide you to drive safely,

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Things To Know

  • Australia invites a large number of students to its universities for different courses. International Students should either have a valid International Driver’s license from their home country or a valid International Driver license from an Australian state.
  • The procedure to get a driving license in Australia is quite simple. You have to apply for the learner’s license and book your basic Driver Knowledge test. Once you pass the test you will get the learners license and you have to drive your vehicle under the supervision.
  • Once you have received the learner’s license you can get the probationary license in which you would require few documents and you have to showcase driving under the supervision. You can hire a professional instructor or someone who has a full license.
  • There are two stages of Probationary license and they are P1 and P2. With probationary license you don’t need any supervision and the P1 license is valid for one year. After one year you will get P2 license. You will drive with P2 license for six months. After six months you will get your permanent license. If you have permanent International license from your Home country then you must carry a hard copy of license with you.

These are some facts to know about Driver’s license in Australia.

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