Are You Looking for Suitable Crystal Chandelier for Your Home? Tips to Select

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Selecting a right crystal chandelier is an essential aspect of interior decoration, so that ideal lighting can perfectly complement your interiors.

However, making a proper choice can be a challenging task. Your choice of right chandelier will be influenced by your specific requirement.

Following are a few ways of crystal chandelier for your home.

Check the width of the chandelier

  • Width to be measured as diameter of chandelier’s widest part.
  • Start with by adding your room’s width and length which is going to be the width of your chandelier. If your room is too full or close then you can choose less than this figure. However, for wide open room, you may prefer a bit larger than this figure.
  • In case, you want to place your chandelier in 2-story foyer, then higher you want to hang your chandelier, smaller will it look, so you may prefer bigger than what the formula suggests.
  • In case of bedrooms, living rooms or bathrooms where it is essential to walk under chandelier, you may need to select smaller than what the formula suggests.

Number of lights needed for chandelier

  • Usually each socket is able to carry 60 watts, but 40 watts can usually be sufficient and also more flattering to chandeliers.
  • For smaller rooms only 6 – 8 lights will be fine, but for larger rooms 8 or even more lights may be needed, if your chandelier is the only source of light.
  • By using a dimmer, you can adjust brightness and also increase lifetime of the bulbs.
  • For accentuating a tall ceiling, select a crystal chandelier having upper light tier or select sconce having a center and taller arm.

Length of the chandelier

  • Choose one that fits the best
  • If considering for dining room then ceiling height minus your table height will be the distance from the table and chandelier’s bottom and 4″ for ceiling hardware.
  • In case, of living rooms or any other rooms, a walking clearance of 6´6″ or more will be appropriate clearance.
  • You need to subtract your required clearance from the total ceiling height, and 4” for hardware, which will be the maximum chandelier length.
  • Add 4” with the listed length, which will be minimum height of chandelier.

Distance of chandelier from the table

  • Prefer a distance anywhere from 29″- 34″.
  • You may consider 36″ or little more off from the top of table if you have hot high ceilings.
  • In case, you don’t prefer the appearance of chain then cover it with any fabric sleeves.

Nickel vs. Brass

  • Decide which parts you prefer metallic.
  • Under the pieces of the crystal frames, you may have small supportive pieces as metallic.
  • In many cases, pinning in crystal can be metallic, but many of the suppliers almost always prefer to use nickel pinning only, so that it can blend into the crystal properly.
  • The chain as well as the ceiling hardware.
  • Also, the wire which runs through all the arms to the ceiling usually are gold in order to match with the brass choice. Sometimes, it is clear for matching with the nickel choice.

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