Enabling An Addict – Know How And Why To Stop It


If someone supports others’ addiction with their behavior or thoughts enabling will takes place. An enabler may be a parent, friend, relative or some other person. Usually, enablers enclose good intentions on an addicted person, but they won’t realize their encouragement can ruin the life of an addict.

Moreover, it prevents them to realize how toxic and dangerous situations the addict is going to face. If the addict delays contact of substance, then the person can become more addicted to the substances loses control. Confronting an addict is hard, but it is the best thing for them in the future. If you enable them more, they lose faith and respect for themselves.

If you are one of the enablers of your friend or family member, the first thing you have to do is to avoid enabling and support them to recover from addiction. Otherwise, the same feeling will transfer to the enablers too. Many treatment centers provide various treatment methods and programs to addicts.

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Enabling signs

In family – Its hard time for parents or spouse to say no to their loved person on addiction because they feel talking regarding it may slip them into addiction.

In this situation, they start blaming themselves for not stopping the substance addiction or they feel that they are the reason for addiction. Here are a few ways that families can enable their loved person not to slip into addiction.

  • Making excuses for an addict when substance abuse becomes toxic
  • Giving money
  • Blaming others, factors, or situations
  • Taking over responsibilities and tasks of addict into their hands and more

At workplace/school – Many academic and professional institutions have their policies against drug or alcohol usage. Avoiding the case of a person who requires aid or covering them is also enabling. There are many ways of enabling either directly or indirectly. They are:

  • Ignoring dangerous behavior
  • Not having specific rules for substance abuse
  • Covering by lying

In addition to these, many other ways of enabling that are taking drugs or alcohol become the root of dangerous behavior and can lead to negative, risky behavior. Also, there are chances of physical or verbal aggression.

All these not only affect the person but also people around as well. In families, it can lead to common problem codependency that happens when couples rely on one other in a dysfunctional way.

There are few rehabs for couples, where partners can support and motivate each other in the recovery process. Choosing one of those rehab centers will help you and your partner to stay away from substance abuse and lead a happy life with each other. So, gather information and visit the best couples rehab center to travel the journey of recovery along with your partner.

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