General Guidelines for Choosing A Chandelier Proportionate to Foyer Space


Foyers in small homes are hardly noticeable and in large bungalows get overlooked. The entryways in homes are grand but it passes through space that lacks substance and style. The foyer welcomes guests, so it has to make an awesome first impression. The foyer can be used to set a tone for the other rooms in the house.

Foyer chandelier can certainly light the entryway with style. However, you need to consider the right chandelier size and hanging height accurately. You must also consider the types of crystals to choose one that suits your needs. Check for the variety of crystal chandeliers they offer customers.

General guidelines to choose a chandelier proportionate to your foyer

The general rule is that foyer chandelier hangs in the space center. The other things to consider are the chandelier fixtures, height, diameter, and illumination proportional to the foyer space.

Chandelier fixtures diameter

Chandelier fixtures diameter = Length + Width [measures in feet, so convert the result to inches]

For example, foyer space is 12 feet by 12 feet, so the …….

Diameter = 12 + 12 = 24 feet but you must covert feet into 24 inches. To get the good visual effect, the light fixture Diameter is equal to 24 inches.

This guideline is adjusted in certain situations like where the ceilings are high or where the fixture has to hang in 2-storey foyer. In such cases, the chandelier fixtures diameter is sized extra 2 to 3 inches for compensating the extra height or else the chandelier can look smaller.

Chandelier fixture’s height

Room height also plays a great role in determining the chandelier fixture’s height. The guideline is that hanging chandelier needs to have a height of 2” to 3” for every foot of total ceiling height. Let’s understand this with an example – a foyer ceiling height is 10 feet means 10×2” or 10×3”. It indicates you to choose a fixture with a height between 20” to 30”.

The ceiling height of 2-storey foyer is 16 foot, means you can choose a hanging fixture with a height between 32” to 48”.

Chandeliers illumination factor

Different illumination levels are available. The total wattage of all the bulbs fixed in the chandelier is considered. The guideline is to customize the illumination to foyer space’s square footage.

Wattage needed = Room length X Width X 1.5

For example, foyer space is 12 feet by 12 feet.

Wattage needed = 12-foot X 12-foot X 1.5 = 216 watts.

This is the total wattage needed for the foyer space, which can be achieved with a single or light bulb fixed in the chandelier fixture.

Installation height of the fixture from the floor

The basic standard is that hanging chandelier fixture’s bottom must be 7 feet above the flooring. It is a guideline, which is applied to the foyer with low ceilings, e.g. a foyer with a ceiling height of 8-foot means hanging fixture if used has to be fairly small [ceiling-mounted fixture is the best option for small ceiling heights or foyer spaces].

In case of taller foyer ceiling elevate fixture accordingly. For a 2-storey height, hanging fixture can be 8 feet or higher above the floor.

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