What Are Reasons to Choose California State University?


California state university was founded in the year of 1957 and has enrollment of 34,751 undergraduate students and having campus size of 236 acres.

It has semester-based education system and it is considered among one of the best ranking universities of the USA.

This university is located in Orange County’s center which is about thirty miles away from Los Angeles. The university offers 50+ undergraduate as well as master degrees courses including in the subject of business and economics.

Following are few reasons why most students prefer cal state Fullerton transfer and this can help in narrowing down your options.

1.Debt will not be an issue

You will find that the graduates of this university have $5,000 lesser debt as compared to any other graduates from other 4-year public universities. Also, another plus point is that about 60% graduates of CSUF had almost zero debt.

Therefore, due to lower debt, students of CSUF students will not face any kind of financial stress. Therefore, by studying here you can enjoy your life more than other graduates and spend more money on things that you like.

2.Plenty of resources available for meeting your potential

Plenty of resources are provided to students of CSUF which will make your transition to college hassle free. Following are few resources:

  • Every Wednesday employees from animal shelter will bring dogs to entertain students, so that you will not be stressed out due to midterms and papers, etc.
  • Guidance Counselors at the university are very positive. They can always relate to anything that you are facing as they too have faced before and hence care for your success while at CSUF
  • Career center staff members can help you in case you need internship or a job.

3.It has got baseball team

Baseball team of this university is ranked as eighth number in the Country! Therefore, you are not expected to be a bad player of baseball if you ever known to be a student of this university.

If you ever go to this university then try to take advantage of playing ball games. Have you must have heard that CSUF baseball team has entered to the postseason’s consecutive times for 26 occasions, and won World Series for 18 times, and also got 4 titles?


CSUF always has strong reputation for admitting students from diverse groups. Therefore, you can find number of culture clubs where you can join and you will get an opportunity to get friends from diverse groups.

For instance, you will find an African American club, which will talk about Black history who will help people who are in need. By mingling with friends of diverse groups, you will learn more about various cultures as well as global politics.


There are plenty of great places around CSUF where you can have fun along with your friends. It is just within 15 minutes distance from Disneyland. Also, it is very near to famous restaurants, bars and malls.

By visiting all these places, you can socialize with many new people.

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