Ideas to Choose the Best 1960s Mod Outfit for The Party


Fashion took a new turn in 1960s and was divided into 2 categories, the modern style with new prints, patterns, colors, and styles, especially for youth. The second one is graceful style that emerged from 1950s. Also, there is a great popularity for Pop Art during this period.

People in 1960s were inspired by the peacenik, hippies, beats, and mods, and followed their dressing styles. Thus, there was a war between the old and the new style clothes.

You can find the best 60s outfits on many online stores. You can now recreate the 1960s look with these clothes. Here are few 1960s dressing styles from Joan and Betty to Jean and Twiggy that helps you choose an outstanding outfit suitable to you.

House wife outfit

1950s/60s style outfits are the best choice to recreate 60s housewife dresses as the dress shape is so simple. A billowy skirt or shirtwaist dress with half sleeves or sleeveless, wide collar neck or v-neck is also very popular. You can dress up these outfits with the matching headband, pearl necklace, gloves, and cardigan sweater for a perfect housewife look of 1960s.

Black and white style outfits

Black and white pictures of Pop Art Movement contrast to develop new patterns for a modern look. Checks, stripes, and large circles are few amazing patterns. For an inspired style look choose a lively pattern and wear it with accessories in black and white color. For bolder look, choose mod outfits and match it with colored accessories or nude tights.

Party outfits

Even though, swing dress is 1950s style but it continued even in 1960s. Women not only like to wear it for daytime but also prefer it for cocktail parties as well. Stylish party dresses in different colors either slim pencil or skirted swing in different colors like white, black, and others are very famous. Accessories are also simple cocktail rings, button earrings, gold necklaces added beauty even to plain dresses.

Also, short dresses in tunic shape, long sleeves, and high neckline were developed.  Accessories like hoop earrings made with plastic, wig or bouffant hairstyle, long pearls with a single strand or multiple has raised the glamour of women in 1960s.

Formal outfits

Even, the formal style of 1950s sway, evening dresses made with a material called brocade was designed. With this, pair of different colors in various designs emerged. A-line Skirts became trendy compared to full circle pattern.

In addition to these, there are many other designs and patterns including Casual Young Mod outfits, Mad Men outfits, Jackie O Style outfits, and others. In the late 1960s bell bottom pants and jeans, headbands, plastic boots, floppy hat, etc., became very trendy.

If you want to recreate a new and modern look with the old 60s outfits, then choose the best online store that provide different variety of old outfits at affordable cost. Order your favorite outfit and matching accessories from the store today to get ready for your party.

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