UCLA Requirements That is Necessary to Get Admission Easily in Any Programs


UCLA is the oldest campus in South California. Its motto in Latin is ‘Fiat Lux’ which means ‘let there be light’. It provides 337 undergraduate plus graduate programs in various fields. Every year students enroll for both programs and some are also transferred from other universities.

The school is highly in demand and most students apply to this University compared to any other American Universities. US News and World Report declared in 2019, the best public college in US. However, every college has their own criteria for admission. Similarly, UCLA has its own criteria which we will discuss below.

  • GPA requirements
  • SAT requirements
  • ACT requirements

GPA requirements

Many schools require a minimum GPA score for graduate or undergraduate programs. UCLA GPA requirements are 3.89. Every college tries to take over the best candidates. Hence, we recommend that you keep your GPA score above 4.

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SAT requirements

The SAT score for UCLA program on an average should be 1315. It is the total of math score and reading portion score that is calculated on the scale of 1600. If you’re lesser than 1315, you will have a tough time getting into it. It is better to score higher than expected because you may never know when the UCLA application readers increase their demand.

ACT requirements

The ACT score requirement for UCLA admission on an average is 75. The higher your average score, tougher will be your chance in getting accepted. You should aim for average score of 68 so that your attempt for UCLA is easier.

There are other ways of entering UCLA –

  • Join any of the special classes in your school like music, sports, etc. of UCLA values these classes then try participating in any of these organizations in UCLA.
  • Los Angeles is known for volunteering work for social well-being. You can volunteer any of the social work which UCLA thinks is a kind way of giving back to local community.
  • Other than grades and scores, you need to focus on your personality, leadership skills, etc. so that UCLA considers you as a valuable asset for their college.

Here is the best way of writing a request to UCLA –

  • Write an essay that reflects the star in you, which UCLA cannot figure out through your scores or grades. Get a detailed essay, pointing out all your skills that aren’t mentioned anywhere else.
  • You know the department, in which you want to major, therefore approach the teacher in your school from that respective department and ask him or her to write one positive character about you. One recommendation of teacher from that department leaves a positive impact.
  • Don’t risk by submitting on the last day of application submission. You can’t trust internet every time, sometimes the internet is slow or the official website crashes due to over submission of applications, thus apply beforehand.

If you follow these few steps and manage your scores and grades properly, then nothing can stop you from applying to UCLA. Rest is all about luck, but hard work favors more than luck.

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