Little-Known Benefits of Aquatic Rehabilitation in Physical Therapy


Physical therapists in Joplin, MO, may often utilize aquatic rehabilitation for patients, because of its comfort and many benefits. Physical therapy can be used to help patients recovering from a number of injuries. Depending on the injury level, sometimes it can take months or years of work, to the area, for the patient to return to a relatively normal mode of operation. Where possible, range of motion and strength in the muscle tissue must be re-established. Aquatic rehab and guided exercises can do much to lessen the necessary time for recovery. It can also help in the reduction of chronic or acute pain and aid in the improvement of the performance of your muscles. Here are some little-known benefits of aquatic rehab in physical therapy.

A Natural Body Massage

When you move in water, it creates a current that envelopes your body or specific areas. This, along with the water weight, allows the water to act as a natural massage for you. While going along with your aquatic rehab routine, you will also be reaping the benefits of rejuvenation to sore and tired muscles. Through this, circulation is also improved to the area. Your therapist can amplify the effects of this, by using the water currents to target the areas of your body that can most use the benefits.

Improvements in Healing Times

Aquatic rehab can even be beneficial for those whose heart muscles can stand to be strengthened. The pressure from the water applies a certain pressure to your body and internal muscles, which will greatly improve blood flow and circulation throughout, even to fingers and toes, allowing the body to make up for weaker flow, with the increase of well-circulating blood that is oxygen-rich.

The water used for aquatic rehab is also slightly warmer than usual temps. Water used for aquatic rehab can often be around 94 degrees Fahrenheit. The warmth of the water also works to increase circulation through the body. Combined, this increased circulation helps promote more-efficient healing times.

Alleviates Muscle Soreness

The warmth of the water, in aquatic rehab, also helps to open up the blood vessels. This is another way that circulation improves. When lactic acid builds up in the muscles, this creates the soreness. However, an improvement in blood circulation works to wash the lactic acid from the muscles. This can bring relief to the soreness.

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