What Are The Beneficial Features Of Document Management System For A Business


Paper records take up a lot of space in the business. It makes it very difficult to manage them. This problem is solved by the present day’s document management software. It improves the organization as well as accessibility of company documents.

Automating the document storage not just saves your business space, but also reduce the time taken to access and modify them.

In this article, we are presenting a few important features of a document management system. It will help you in understanding the fundamentals of the document management system. It provides a roadmap for the document procurement procedure.

What Is a Document Management System?

The document management system is an essential electronic filing cabinet that can benefit a business. It can be used as a solid foundation to organize all paper-based and digital documents.

You can upload a hard copy of the documents into the system via a scanner. Document management systems enable users to insert tags and metadata that is used for the organization of stored files.

Document management software is equipped with an inbuilt search engine. It enables users to rapidly navigate the most extensive document libraries for retrieving the needed file. It is one of the best ways to store sensitive data efficiently.

You don’t need to feel anxious about document management systems. These systems have “permission settings” that ensures the personnel to access only the data to which they are authorized to access. This ensures the best level of security for your data.

Templafy is one of the reputed providers of document management systems. This platform helps a business to perfect all aspects of document creation in a business. Read more about template management here.

Important features of a document management system:

Below are mentioned significant features offered by a document management system.

  • Storage of different types of document in a business that includes word processing files, PDFs, spreadsheets and emails
  • Keyword search
  • Permissioned access to a specific type of documents
  • Monitoring tools to find out who is accessing what type of documents
  • Versioning tools help you trace edits made to documents and also recover old versions
  • Controls regulation of outdated documents that can be deleted
  • Offer mobile device support to access, edit and share documents

What are the different types of document management products?

There are mainly three types of the document management system that you can implement in a business.

  • Imaging System – This type of document management system assists a business in the conversion of paper-based documents to electronic files
  • Software only – This type of document management system provides efficient management of document in electronic format
  • Both – There is third type of document management system that is a combination of software and imaging system in one single unit.


If you want to improve the productivity of a business, you need to implement a document management system in your business. With the right implementation of this system, your business can benefit from efficient, secure and quick management of documents in a business.

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