Important Steps To Take When Arresting For A DUI Arrest


Have you been arrested for any DUI charges before? If not, then it may be very frightening for you to face it the first time. When arrested under this lawsuit, it can become highly confusing as to how to handle the situation. There are several questions that strike our mind as to how you can ensure the type of defense you require?

Will it make your present driver’s license void? It doesn’t matter how much you are drunk; a single drink is sufficient for a DUI arrest. However, it is very important that you take the right steps immediately after the arrest to ensure the best level of protection and successful outcome of the trial.

Take the Chemical Test post the arrest

This is a mandatory test that is required by most states. If a person refuses to take this test, then he can also be punished by the Government. With the help of this chemical test, a lot of vital insights can be revealed.

One of the most important things is the existing level of alcohol in the blood. This information can let the officers infer the amounts of alcohol present in the blood at the moment of getting arrested. It is advised not to refuse this “field sobriety test” as by not performing this test, you can lose a chance to prove your innocence.

Take assistance a DUI attorney

Once you perform the test, the next important thing that needs to be done is to take the assistance of a DUI lawyer that specializes in dealing with DUI cases. For successful representation and favorable outcome of the case, you need to hire only an attorney that specializes in DUI lawsuits.

This is because the DUI laws are complicated and need an in-depth knowledge of the rules and regulations in this regard. If you want to hire an experienced and reputed Nevada DUI, then look no further than Goodwill Criminal Lawyer firm. They do not just give you an assurance to represent you in the court, but also help you obtain a favorable result in the DWI defense.

Search for a bail bondsman

Posting bail is needed post an arrest. While most of the people get released without any bail, a few arrests need the assistance of a bail bondsman. Such individuals will need an upfront fee. Once it is paid, they will provide you a bail.

Though, the amount that you need to pay to them can be huge, but less than what you will be paying it to the court. A “bail bondsman” will make sure that you are present at the hearings. If you fail to do so that he will himself come to look for you.

Ask for a “DMV hearing”

After the arrest, an individual only has ten days (including holidays, and weekends) to prepare a formal plea for their DMV hearing. It will clarify whether or not you are permitted to keep the driver’s license. It is very important to ask to keep a DMV hearing, as failing to do it can even automatically suspend your license.


Dealing with a DUI lawsuit is tricky. You need a very careful approach and meticulous planning to deal with it. These are some of the important steps that you need to follow for effective handling of the DUI case.

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