Buy and Tie Wholesale Scarves and Wholesale Handbags


Often, while searching through your wardrobe you may be surprised to discover various cheap scarves and bags buried in a corner of the closet. The reason for not wearing them is usually “I do not know what to do with them” The truth is that even a big square wholesale scarf, like the ones you inherited from your Grandma, can relive a moment of glory. As an early idea, the model and size of the scarf (rectangular or square, small or large) dictate the style in which you can wear it.


…Wearing polyester scarves (especially smaller ones) with a simple shirt, a skirt to the knees, medium heels and elegant hair styling. Your look will seem “too” old-fashioned “too” stiff. The same wholesale scarves and Wholesale handbags UK get a modern look if you wear jeans from top to toe (jeans pants and denim shirt).

Buy and Tie Wholesale Scarves and Wholesale Handbags

…Wearing wholesale scarves in the “pioneer tie” style with a small knot located exactly on the bust line.

…Choosing trivial cheap scarves. There are scarves with prints (unpleasant associations of colors, low contrast between shades, badly painted designs) and of poor quality fabrics (polyester transparent veil that electrifies, cotton that outwears easily), with which we cannot do much. However, if the wholesale scarf is made of a good material in a pleasant color and a harmonious imprint, it has all chances to become a cherished accessory.

Before moving to the sophisticated knot, the simplest approach is to wear the wholesale scarves folded.

A good stretch. Fold two of opposite ends so that they overlap. Repeat movement. From square wool scarves you can create a long narrow version that allows more options when it comes to knotting: in front, side, hidden.

The same method of folding polyester scarves (this time smaller) is suitable if you want to wear the scarf in the style of Audrey Hepburn. After folding the base, tie the scarf 2 times on the neck, on the side. Looks good matched with a masculine shirt with a few buttons open and slim trousers.

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For “70s tie” style, choose square designer scarves from a silky material (or a rectangular long and narrow) Tie one end with a small knot at the neck leaving the rest of the scarf fall free. Wear the designer scarves with a shirt and jeans or with a casual shirt and classic trousers. For evening you can complement the wholesale scarves with a smoking jacket and elegant trousers.

A fourth variant is the triangle casual wear, cowboy style. Suitable for square wool scarves, medium size. Fold it in the middle to form a triangle which will be placed on your chest upside down. Wrap the wholesale scarves around your neck and leave no loose ends where you have knotted it. Wear it with a shirt or a sweater, simple trousers and elegant sandals.

If you are looking to renew your collection of scarves, is the solution. Only here you will find hundreds of wholesale scarves UK models, made from different materials and with different shapes and sizes, to suit all your needs.

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